Alain Côté

Senior Vice-President Real Estate Broker - Commercial

NAI Terramont Commercial
200-615, boul. René-Lévesque Ouest
Montréal, Quebec H3B 1P5
T +1 514 573 2325
M 15145732325

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Institutionnel - Institutional

Background & Experience

Alain Côté has extensive business experience. After completing his university studies in administration he worked for major Canadian financial institutions. He participated in a number of financial packages worth several million dollars in different sectors of the economy.

He subsequently worked for one of the biggest construction and real estate development companies in Québec. For this company, he devised and implemented major mortgage financing for several real estate projects including condominiums, office buildings, and hotels.

A seasoned manager in the realm of real estate projects recovery, he was entrusted with the management of a real estate portfolio valued at more than $100,000,000 that included office buildings, two hotel complexes, and residential condominiums. With hard work, he succeeded in turning a condominium project that was in trouble into an unexpected success.

His expertise led him to his involvement with a major French real estate company for which he managed and reorganized various real estate projects in Québec.This also brought about the opportunity for him to participate in real estate projects in France.

In 1998, the SITQ entrusted him with the mandate of managing and overhauling a real estate project that was experiencing difficulties. It proved to be a financial success, and in light of this, he was awarded the title “Excellent Manager”.

In 2004, after obtaining his real estate broker certificate, he joined Binswanger-Québec with broker Paul-Éric Poitras, and since 2005, has worked as an active broker with NAI Terramont Commercial.

Alain Côté has developed particular expertise in the institutional real estate sector, and a number of religious communities, including convents, churches, provincial houses, and boarding schools, call on him seeking financial guidance.

According to him, listening to his clients is the basis of any negotiation.

His competencies and experience enable him to recommend beneficial solutions to religious communities and thereby enable them to quickly obtain a superior financial return on their assets.


Alain Côté possesses a vast experience in the business field. Following his studies at university in Administration, he has worked within important Canadian financial institutions. He has participated in various financial assemblies of multiple millions of dollars throughout diverse sectors of economic activity.

Furthermore, he has worked for one of the most important construction and real estate development societies in Québec. Within that society, he has elaborated and set in place financial mortgages of great importance for various real estate projects such as condominiums, office buildings and hotels.

A disciplined administrator in the settlement of real estate projects, he was trusted with the management of a real estate portfolio of over 100 000 000 $ which included office buildings, two hotel complexes as well as residential co-properties. Working relentlessly, he successfully turned a co-property in trouble into a financial success.

His expertise has driven him to an important French real estate society for which he has managed and rectified diverse real estate projects in Québec while participating in real estate projects in France.

In 1998, the SITQ has confided in him management and recovery mandate for a struggling real estate project. He rectified the project in a remarkable way thanks to his management skills.

In 2004, after obtaining his real estate brokerage certificate, he joined the Binswanger-Québec firm with fellow real estate broker, Paul-Éric Poitras. Since 2005, he is an active real estate broker within the NAI Terramont Commercial society.

Alain Côté has noteworthy experience in negotiating leases for office and industrial building users.

According to him, listening to your clients is the basis of any negotiation.

His experiences and skills allow him to suggest beneficial solutions to his clients and meet their financial objectives.