France de Gaspé Beaubien

Real Estate Broker - Commercial and Mortgage

License ID G7502

NAI Terramont Commercial
200-615, boul. René-Lévesque Ouest
Montréal, Quebec H3B 1P5

+1 514 866 3333
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Commercial, Hypothèque - Commercial, Mortgage

Scope of Experience

Specialties: Sales of companies, combination of asset (real estate) and company sales, Industrial and Commercial, Financing

Areas of Expertise: Business / Business Capital, Combined sales of Industrial Shares and Assets, Mortgages


Background & Experience

Woman of action and experience, France is excellent to support entrepreneurs – from the sale of their company to mergers and acquisition, with or without real estate, covering all financing needs, she developed and positioned herself in a niche: to support entrepreneurs throughout transitions and various projects. Throughout the years, she built a solid and respectable reputation with her clients, colleagues and partners with her efficiency, thoroughness, professionalism and leadership aptitudes. With 25 years of Commercial banking of which 15 were as Vice-President (ranging from Regional VP to Marketing, Operations, etc – numerous hats), she lives from Coast to Coast – Sept Iles to Nanaimo, BC … meeting lots of entrepreneurs… She created her company in 2012 and had since operated in the realm of Mergers and Acquisitions. Since 2015, she added the commercial real estate aspect as well as the mortgage brokerage trade. NAI was a natural as she had dealt with, his professional team in her former life. She is co-presiding the M&A Club. As a mother, she is reconciling cottage life, sailing, skying and horseback riding with the family and teenagers, balancing it all with the professional and entrepreneurial roles.


A woman of action and experience, France excels in the support of entrepreneurs – in the sale of their business, in fusions and acquisitions, with or without real estate as well as financial needs. She has found her niche market: helping with transactions and projects for entrepreneurs. Throughout the years, she has built a very respectable reputation towards her clients, colleagues and collaborators thanks to her professionalism, her leadership, her rigour and her efficiency. Having worked in the banking sector on the commercial financing level for 25 years, 15 of them as Vice-President (Regional, Marketing, Operation – many different hats), she has lived anywhere from Sept-Iles to Nanaimo, CB, literally! She founds her company in 2012 and works in the field of business fusions and acquisitions. Since 2015, she adds a commercial real estate aspect which can optimize solutions for business owners. NAI came to her naturally – having completed numerous transactions in collaboration with those from her prior life. She co-presides the M&A Club on the South Shore. As a beloved mother, she juggles between cottage life, sailing, skiing, horseback riding with entrepreneurship as well as her professional life. 


 2015 – Commercial real estate broker and Mortgage broker – OACIQ

 2013 – PMP – Project Management Practice

 2010 – Advanced Leadership Program – Assistant Deputy Minister’s highest training – Ottawa

 2004 – President Leadership Program, BDC

 1994 – Banff Schoool of Advanced Management, Alberta

 1992 – CFA – Chartered Financial Analyste – AIMR

 1989 – Bachelor in Administration – Bishop’s University

1988 – French University, marketing – ESSCA, Angers


Transaction History

Since the M&A life, France is close to reaching the mark of 100 satisfied clients. In her historical path, France has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs throughout the country. If you are one of them – it would be a n honor to reconnect and see how we can work together !!

FUSACQ, in combination with NAI Terramont Commercial, have specialized in transactions in the range of $ 1 to 25 Millions, in asset or share sale.

In terms of industry, the practice is wide ranging:

  • Transport
  • Manufacturing (metal, Food, Consumer product, B2B product, …)
  • Distribution (Food, product, with or without the retail aspect, …)
  • Service (Human resources, medical, nurseries, printing, rental, various professional trade, IT, …)
  • Tourism (hotels, specialized)
  • Agro (green houses, farming related)

What we don’t do – or no longer do! Restaurants, retail less than 5 points of sale, start ups.


Since she started in Fusions and Acquisitions, France nearly hits a hundred satisfied clients in her new life. Throughout the years, France has helped thousands of entrepreneurs across the country. If you happen to be one – it would be her pleasure to get in contact with you!

FUSACQ, combined with NAI Terramont Commercial, have specialized in transactions between 1 and 25 million dollars, along with the sale of shares and assets.

On an industrial level, her experience is varied:

  • Transport
  • Manufacturing (metal, metal, nutritional, consumption product, B2B product…)
  • Distribution (nutritional, products, with retail networking…)
  • Service (HR investment, medical, daycares, printing, rental, various professional careers, IT …)
  • Tourism (hospitality, specialized activities)
  • Agroculture (greenhouses, farmhouses)

This excludes: catering, retail with less than 5 locations, starting businesses